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Pit Run Gravel

This is an unmanufactured gravel which is dug out of the bank. It is used for a base for roads and driveways.

Screened Gravel

This material contains fractured particles created by rock crushers. Screened gravel typically contains slightly less rock than clay. It is widely used as a surfacing for roads and driveways.

Sewer Rock

A round rock usually in shades of gray, sewer rock is a good for sewer systems, leach field, decorative rock, French drains, erosion protections, and ditch lining.


Bull Rock

Bull Rock comes in various shades of brown. Although it has lots of rounded surfaces, it also has fractured surfaces. Bull rock is best used in drainage and garden ponds.



Pea Gravel

This gravel consists of small, rounded stones and are used in concrete surfaces. Pea gravel can also be used for walkways and driveways.

Rip Rap Rock

Rip rap rock can be used to armor shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures against scour and water or ice erosion.

Sandstone Base

A road base material that has been produced from sandstone, sandstone base contains both sand and gravel. It is normally used in roadways or driveways.

Sandstone Fines

This material consists of sheets of sand and mineral particles. Sandstone fines can come in a variety of colors and is usually used in multiple applications such as landscaping, bedding, and asphalt work.

Limestone Base

Most limestone is crushed and used as a construction material. It is usually used as a crushed stone for road base and railroad ballast. Limestone base also comes in various sizes such as coarse or fine.

Decomposed Granite

A granitic rock that has weathered into smaller pieces of weak rock, decomposed granite is produced through further weathering by creating rock that easily crumbles into mixtures of gravel, sand, and silt-sized particles with some clay. It can be used on driveways, gardens, and walkways.


This naturally occurring granular material is composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. Sand is defined by size, being finer than gravel and coarser than silt. It can serve multiple purposes such as construction fill or to make concrete.

Select Fill

This material is a reddish-brown material that is a non-expansive clay sand mixture. Select fill is used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground or create mounds or otherwise artificially change the grade or elevation of real property.

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